Sunday, June 7, 2015

Working on the comic lists.

Spent all day redoing the comics subscription list.

It's a bit harder to do because I'm not really up to date on current titles.  When in doubt, I just included a title. Better too much information than too little.

Sometimes there is a license, such as Groo, or Rocketeer say, where nothing is currently coming out, but one might in a future year.  So good to know who wanted these.

Biggest title this time around was Secret Wars.

Biggest regular title was Batman.

Biggest group was Star Wars.

Considering that comic sales have been pretty good, it is sometimes surprising to see how sparse the shelf numbers are.  We have more subscribers than a couple of years ago, but nowhere near the old-time numbers.  Same for the comics.  Even in those long ago days when Bend was 1/4th the population it is now, we had bigger numbers.  Of course, comics were .75 and there were fewer of them.

Weird thing to see the X-Men looking so pathetic.  I've heard the Marvel is purposely neglecting these titles because they don't have rights to the movies.

That seems pretty short-sighted to me.

I remember when it was the Avengers who were neglected, and it was X-Men all the time.

DC, despite having Batman as the biggest regular title, doesn't seem to be doing as well.  They haven't quite managed to leverage their big guns -- Batman, yes, but not so much Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman.

I really wonder what a commitment to consistency would do for these guys.  Probably doesn't work, but I yearn for it.  They change titles so often I don't know how the customers keep up!

We're in for ALL NEW!!! universes in Marvel and DC again this summer.

For the 100th time.

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