Thursday, June 11, 2015

Married to a writer.

Linda has been writing a fantasy trilogy, the first two books of which are on Amazon.

Telling Tree:

Once on a Blue Moon:

They are charming stories, with a lot of Linda's sweetness coming through.  She really has a feel for fantasy, and an innate sense of the adventure of a young person.

Just as she was getting started on the third book, Under the Trillium Sea, we had some disruption at work and she was sidetracked.  For almost a year she was unwilling to get back to it, afraid that she'd be interrupted again,

"If you keep waiting to be interrupted, you're going to be interrupted," I'd tell her, which probably didn't help.

Anyway, she got back to it in the last few months.

Today she was telling me about some of the developments in her book, and she was so animated and filled with joy that I said, "This is why we do it.  It's good for our spirits, it's what makes us feel good and alive."

Anything that you can be that enthused about is the thing you should be doing.  

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Luci & Loree said...

You both are inspiration!!!