Saturday, June 27, 2015

Simple Hubris.

Gargoyle Dreams.

So in my hubris, I thought I could write a quick novella between book edits.  Just a simple love story, with two POV characters.  Nothing major happens, just love.

I got about a third of the way through and lost interest. Stalled for about a week, then it occurred to me to add another character as a competing love interest, which would make the sacrifice at the end more meaningful.  That got me to about half way through when I again stalled.

After struggling for another week or so, I figured out a plot that would get me to the end using the existing characters.  By then, the book was growing into a long novella or a short novel.  But even though I had the plot worked out, the words still weren't flowing.

I spend most of yesterday managing to write about 400 stilted words.

And then, just about the time I was about to give up for the day, I realized that I could elevate a secondary character and create a major plot twist at the same time.  Just out of the blue.  Woke up from napping and the idea was right there -- not having a hint about it before it came emerged as my one full productive thought for the day.

I felt my interest quickening, and began to think of ways to make it work.

And then, last night as I was going to sleep, a whole bunch of other plot complications came to me.  A whole bunch.  Making the book much more action oriented, with genre conventions and hooks.

And it was good.

Apparently, I can't just write myself a simple novella without getting bored.  Instead, it has to be the real deal, a real book with a twisting plot and multiple characters and action and all that.

I'm not only cool with that idea, I'm extremely intrigued.  It make the book much more interesting to me.

I admire anyone who can write a simple love story.  That takes some real skill, for the emotions and words have to carry the weight.

Then again, would I actually read such a story?

Probably not.  I like my genres.

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