Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mowing the lawn with a weedeater.

Fair warning.  This blog entry is about as interesting in watching the lawn grow. 

Due to a comedy of errors, I finally got the lawnmower operational today.

Too late.

The grass was a foot high, maybe higher.  I mowed about 10 feet and realized it was hopeless.  So went out there with the weed eater and cut it down to size.

Which is a little bit like sweeping the sidewalk with a toothbrush.  I finally figured out the best way to do it was left to right, about 2 or 3 inches at a time.  About halfway through I figured out that if I just held the one handle, and balanced it by holding the other handle, I didn't have to lift and carry so much. 

I'm going to let the cuttings dry for a few hours, then rake them up, and then an hour before dark tonight I'll mow at the highest height allowed.  Then tomorrow, I'll mow at regular height.

And then, by God, I'll keep up.

I keep telling myself I'm saving 2000 bucks by not having the lawn mowing service I had last year.

It's normally a half hour job.  This turned it into a five hour job.  Heh.


Luci & Loree said...

AND you get to get out and commune with nature, and have the satisfaction of a job well done, there is a visable result to your endeavors :) anyway that is the way I try to look at it...but I DO enjoy yard work

Duncan McGeary said...

I love gardening whenever I do it. I tend to overdo it a little, which makes it harder the next time.