Monday, June 29, 2015

I make the rules.

I started Gargoyle Dreams with two POV characters.  A simple love story.  I figured it would be somewhere between 20 and 30K words.

I'm now at 30K words and I'm nowhere near the end.

I've added ghosts, good and bad, an evil cabal of monks, evil gargoyles as well as good gargoyles, a greedy priest, and so on and so forth.

Makes it a more interesting book.  I mean, the experiment of writing a simple love story was great.  I've kept all that, I've just given it all some clothing.

Anyway, I decided to have a confrontation between a 'good' ghost and a 'bad' ghost.  I decided at the end of the chapter that the good ghost realizes he can drag the bad ghost into the afterlife.  That he is finally willing to give up on this earth and release his soul.

Why would that work?  I mean, how can he do that?

Why not?  I make the rules.  Heh.

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