Monday, June 1, 2015

The dead don't swim.

Yep, Game of Thrones, epic episode.


OK.  I liked Cersei having to lick water off the floor.  I loved the conversation between Tyrion and Daenerys.  (When this is all over can we have a spin-off show?  "Tyrion and Friends" something like that?)  I was charmed by Arya's (Cat-like) stroll through the wharf.

And then came the White Walkers.

This was incredibly satisfying and momentous.  I think the reason being that there has been a long slow buildup.

Now slow might not be the word you would use for GOT, but in the background of all the seasons, Winter is Coming.  This was a full manifestation of that saying. 

I've always felt that the very thing that makes Lord of the Rings such a hard read for some people, and the best book ever for other people is that it spends most of the book building to the epic climax.  The more we know the world, the more we understand the people, the bigger the payoff.

I think this is happening with GOT.  We care about these characters, but we're getting weary of all the back-stabbing politics. Enter pure evil, who doesn't give a damn about all that, and it's very bracing.  There is going to be one hell of a conclusion to this -- involving dragons, I assume, and dragon-riders (I vote for Tyrion, Daenerys and Jon Snow, though Arya would be good too.)

I can't wait.

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