Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stealing my idea?

I don't worry about anyone stealing my ideas.  But I do worry about being trumped.  Perhaps inadvertently, but having the idea become less strong because someone else has done something similar.

Last night, Jon Stewart had a skit about pig 'gestation cages' and about the "Rise of the Planet of the Pigs."

I just swore at the screen, because that's how I think of my Tuskers novel, as a kind "Planet of the Pigs."  I even use the 'gestation cages' as the motivating factor in the first rise of the rebellion.

So I thought maybe I'd have a bunch of people notice that and tell me on Facebook.  But...well, maybe this too will pass.  Kind of like when I noticed that there was a Kevin Smith movie called 'Tusks' coming out.  Well, that came and went without much notice.

It's a matter of timing.  Of catching the zeitgeist.  I believe that a Wild Pig Apocalypse story is inevitable.  Probably has already been done, who knows?

I spent a year on a book entitled Almost Human and was just finishing a draft when a TV show was announced called -- "Almost Human." 

That kind of thing.

Once I've written a book, I want it out as soon as possible.  But by going to publishers, it is taking months and months longer than it might otherwise have.  And I worry that someone who pull the rug out from under me.

But really, there is no new idea in the world, just variations.  I have to keep the faith.

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