Monday, November 17, 2014

I've sold my book Tuskers to Ragnarok Pub.!!!

Hey, people,

On this cold and snowy morn, I'm proud to announce that I've sold my wild pig apocalypse novel, Tuskers, to Ragnarok Publications.  They are also planning to buy parts II and III when they are completely finished.

I'm beginning to feel like a real writer, with two different publishers willing to buy and produce my books!

I'm very excited by this, of course.  The Tusker books won't be coming out until next year, which is great because my second Virginia Reed adventure, The Dead Spend No Gold: Bigfoot and the California Gold Rush should be published any day now by Books of the Dead Press.

So I'm hoping everyone will give that a read first.  (Led to the Slaughter: The Donner Party Werewolves, the first Virginia Reed adventure, is currently available.)

The cover of Tuskers, which may still be jiggered a little, is done by M.S. Corley, who is Hugh Howey's cover artist, and also happens to be my next door neighbor.  I love it.

I so hope you guys will give my books a try.  I think you'd enjoy them.  Werewolves and Bigfoot and Evolving Vampires and  super-intelligent, super-aggressive wild pigs who have had enough of our human shit. 

I feel like I'm so close to making this all work, with a little help from you guys.  Here's my Amazon webpage...

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P. J. Grath said...

Congratulations, Duncan! You've worked hard for this.