Saturday, November 29, 2014

No more Star Wars spoilers.

I'm going to avoid all things Star Wars from here on, so that I go into the movie fresh.

I always regret that I was so up on the Lord of the Rings images before I saw the first movie.  I'm pretty sure the movie would have had more impact on me if I hadn't done that.

I avoided all Gone Girl posts for months, because I knew it had a twist or two and my mind just really picks up on the slightest hints and figures it out.  I mean, every O'Henry movie there is, (Sixth Sense anyone?) if I hear anything about it, I figure it out. 

Ended up not going to Gone Girl in the end, because I just was never in the mood.  I'm not in the mood for serious movies these days, whether it be 12 Years a Slave or The Master or whatever. 

Yes, I know they are probably great movies, but right now...not so much.

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