Wednesday, November 19, 2014

No Internet, 11:00 to 7:00.

I imposed a new moratorium on Internet usage, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM the last two days.  I'm planning to continue this, especially since it seems to be working.

First of all, the fact that is was so hard to do is proof that it needs to be done.  It is very much a mindless addiction on my part to boot up the computer.   I find myself flipping the lid and clicking Firefox without even thinking about it.  Then, a couple hours later, I'll close the lid, feeling vaguely dissatisfied.

Enough of that.  It seems to be working, too.  Around the middle of the afternoon, both days, I found myself thinking about my book.  I'm actually getting some writing done.

Then, at 7:00, I find that I have a nice pleasurable anticipation built up.  I open the computer and browse everything I need to browse in less than an hour.

I've had a rule against drinking or watching TV before 6:00 for years.  So I've just added the Internet to that. 

It seems to be easier to have parameters around my usage rather than a vague desire to do it less.

I wasn't going to even talk about this until I'd proven to myself that I could do it, but I may as well conduct a social experiment in front of everyone.  We'll see just how strong this addiction is.

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