Friday, November 28, 2014

Star Wars trailer.

Got shivers down my spine when the Star Wars music started and the Millennium Falcon burst into view...

It's going to be really hard to live up to expectations, you know?  I mean, how can it?

But if it's a decent movie, it will be received as the Second Coming.

So much fun.


Kevin said...

I must say watching the trailer I was fairly "meh" about it.

Then the Falcon soared, the music hit, and the TIES started firing and I began pumping my fist in the air.

I've watched it a dozen times just for that. The rest of it didn't stir any emotion in me.

Duncan McGeary said...

Yeah, it had an odd start. But on thinking on it, I kind of liked that they did it that way. I mean, the easy choice was the spectacular special effects, maybe some shots of iconic characters. So I like that they went in a more obscure direction.

But...then capped it off with the spectacular special effects. :)