Friday, November 7, 2014

An entrepreneur doesn't sell out?

Talking about the local brewery who sold out.  I realize that's debatable.  I mean, maybe your business plan is to sell out and make money that way.

It seems weird that you would take all the risk and hard work to start your own business and then sell it a few years down the road to a huge corporation.  

But, as far as I'm concerned, selling your business to a corporation means you aren't an entrepreneur. The reason we're entrepreneurs is because we want to be in charge, make our own decisions, not have a boss.

It just surprises me, is all. 

So selling out pretty much wipes out all the advantages of being an entrepreneur.  Selling out to a huge corporation, taking the money and doing something else.  That I could sort of understand.  But selling out and still working for them?  That would be strange.  (As a note:  I don't believe a new owner who says he's going to just do business the same way it's always been done.)

I don't know.  Maybe they're being smart.  Mature and adult.  Maybe that was their plan all along.  Silicon Valley certainly seems to have that business model.

But I doubted they started their brewery with plans to sell it, so it feels slightly off that they did.

Then again, if someone came along and waved a bunch of money at me, would I turn them down?

Probably not.

But I wouldn't work for them...

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