Saturday, November 1, 2014

Patience is someone else's schedule.

I was so focused on writing for a year, that I produced so much material that in the natural order of things it will take years to publish them all.

If I'm patient, and if I wait for the publishers to do them one by one.

My second year was almost as productive, though I was more aware of the schedule by then.

Now...I've written so much that patience will have to be my main virtue.  Not diligence, not hard work.


So far I've tried to present to the publishers the best of what I've written at that moment.  So...I felt that Led to the Slaughter was my strongest book, followed by my Vampire Evolution Trilogy.

So it made sense to follow up Led to the Slaughter with another Virginia Reed adventure, which I did in The Dead Spend No Gold.  So that is with the publisher, waiting for the right moment to come out.

Then I did Tuskers I, II and III, which were the next books I wanted to see in print.

Meanwhile, I have my Lander series:  Faerylander, Wolflander, and Ghostlander, which I have been patient with because I have these other works ahead of them.  Faerylander has always been my problem child, Wolflander will have to be re-written to match what I've done in Ghostlander, and the last book still needs a conclusion. 

I wrote a sequel to Deviltree, called Deeptower, and I've been trying to revise the first book at the same time.  I want to continue to series as well.

I still have lots of ideas for my Reluctant Wizard fantasy.  I like the first book, but want to include a new beginning, which will require more re-writing.  I want to fully think out the background of this world before I continue.  I want it to be an epic trilogy.

Meanwhile, I have two books I've written which I think are probably in the same world.  Its going to take some effort to work all that out.  I'm thinking of these as part of a precursor trilogy in the Reluctant Wizard world.

I'd love to get Star Axe, Snowcastles and Icetowers back in digital print.

So, you know, I've been busy.

So busy I wonder if I should keep going at such a pace.  Because I've got lots of rewriting which has been shoved back on my own schedule.

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed.

I think because I stopped and actually thought about it... oops. Big mistake.

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