Friday, November 14, 2014

It's only snow!

Did 7% of average yesterday at my store.  Linda had 10 people in all day.

I was dismayed to find that lots of stores downtown were closed.

I don't think it used to be this way.  It got pretty nasty in the evening with the freezing rain, but the morning was pretty much a normal snow day. 


A good reminder to me to be careful.  I was really gearing up my ordering for Christmas, but this has made me step back.  See, every year I need to remind myself how important the last 10 days before Christmas are, and how easy it would be for something (weather, war, some other traumatic event) to stop business cold. (heh).  Something like yesterday happening the week before Christmas could cost us in the thousands, conceivably in the tens-of-thousands of dollars.

As much as I'd like to throw caution to the the wind and buy everything I need, I have to constrain myself to a budget that takes into account possible disasters.

Still haven't missed a day of work at Pegasus Books in 30 years...

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