Sunday, November 16, 2014

A "No-Go" Day.

That's what Linda calls days when she can stay home and do nothing.

She almost never has No-Go days because...well, she's actually social.  Also, she tends to schedule things like doing her nails and doing her hair and volunteering at the food kitchen or the food pantry or shopping or visiting friends or church.  You know, normal stuff.

I have so many No-Go days that I will leave the house just to go for drives or walks, but she absolutely loves a day when nothing is going to happen.

She has just recolonized her office.  She'd been driven out by the overpopulation of books.  (You just can't keep those books from breeding, dammit.)

She'd kinda moved all her writing and business stuff upstairs to the dining room table (and beyond).  I got used to waking up in the morning to find her at her computer, the cat at her feet or on her shoulder.

Now the dining room and living room feel empty, and I traipse downstairs to open her office door and find her with Panga at her feet or on her shoulder, books piled into and spilling out of every corner.  The books are still there, but some paths have been created between them.

We'll see.  A book addict probably shouldn't own a bookstore...

I haven't been writing.  I've been re-evaluating.  I'm cogitating and mulling and letting my thoughts drift and trying to figure out my next moves.  I'm at least a full year ahead of the game.  That is, I could stop writing for a year, and then start writing and still have books coming out at a steady basis, published by publishers.  (Actually, if I were to start publishing myself, I could stop writing for 3 or 4 years and start up writing and still have books coming out on a regular schedule.)

So I've proven to myself that I can write these books, fairly readily.

Now I'm wondering what kind of books I want to attempt, and how much time I want to take on them.  Maybe change things a little.

Or maybe just keep doing what I'm doing.

I'm letting some time pass, a little distance, and trying to figure out what is best.

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