Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Getting ready for Christmas.

Pegasus Books had a great Christmas last year.  So far this year, we're running well above last year.  So I'm taking a chance and really stocking up for the holiday season.  It's always a gamble.  As Linda says, "It seems like every other year is good."  Which also means, every other year is bad.

It's material I can sell next year, of course, but we're talking cash flow and taking on debt if the material doesn't sell.

Ordered 6K worth of boardgames and card games to start with, which will be arriving today.  So going in today and helping Cameron put it all away.  I've ordered so many books they literally don't fit in the store.  I'm going to stock up on stand-ups, and more books and games and graphic novels.  Trying to fluff up the toys and posters and such.

I'm contemplating taking advantage of some of the liquidation deals and ordering higher quantities of individual items and having a half/off table.  I don't much like 'Sales' but there are times when they work.  But I've noticed they work less and less as "Sales" have now become the normal.

Anyway, I'm slowly easing away from quite so much writing, and trying to concentrate on both mine and Linda's store for awhile.  Linda is feeling some pressure at her store, and I'm trying to help out.  I really kind of enjoy sorting through the books that come in and figuring out where to put them.

Cameron has been doing a great job of ordering comics.  I don't know if it is his doing but comic sales are up.  I've always been a little lax in the DC and Marvel ordering, because I don't read superhero comics all that much myself.  But both Cameron and Matt are into it, and I think it shows.

Anyway, here's hoping Christmas isn't cancelled.

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