Friday, November 21, 2014

Female narrators.

I've been super happy that female readers like Led to the Slaughter.  The main protagonist is a 14 year old girl, Virginia Reed, and she just came alive for me.  I felt like she was a fully developed person, perhaps because she really existed.  It was like I was just listening to her.  I really liked her and admired her.

Anyway, she's the real hero of the story.  She's also the main character to the sequel, The Dead Spend No Gold.

I don't question who the protagonists are in my books.  In Tuskers, the main protagonist is a middle aged white guy, like me, but not like me.

But I do seem to have my fair share of female narrators.

People are people.  As long as I don't pretend to be all teenage girly or whatever, I think I can be authentic.

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