Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Writing like a demon.

I'll be about halfway through the book by the end of the day.  I'm thinking of changing the title from As You Wish, to Once in a Long Spell.  The latter title goes better with the third book -- Sometimes a Dragon (already written.)

I'm reaching the point where the major plot turn has to be chosen.  As it is, it doesn't quite feel strong enough.  It's a qualified major plot point.  But I almost have to choose it if I'm going be able to tie in it in with the plot point of Sometimes a Dragon.  They are so similar, that I think I almost have to do it.

I'm hoping that I'll figure out a way to strengthen  it.

As it is, I'm going to have two sides fighting to the death over a gray problem -- that is, the problem may or may not be important and yet the two sides have to go to war over it. 

In the first half of the book the problem is slavery -- so, 'slavery is bad' is pretty clearcut.

This second half problem is more like global warming -- a harder thing to get a handle on because it's in the future and there are misguided people who don't believe it's a problem.  (I think there is no doubt whatsoever about global warming being caused by us, but what if there was?)

So is it a strong enough plot point to wrap the entire book around?

The point of contention is -- if a certain thing happens, everything that people have will disappear.  But if it doesn't happen, they could all die.

The likelihood that a certain danger will happen is a fifty/fifty proposition. 

So if you choose A.) you survive, but lose all wealth.
If you choose B.) You retain your wealth, but you might die.

With A.) you survive both choices.
With B.) you keep your wealth.

You'd think everyone would choose A.) for safety.  But faced with losing all (fabulous)  wealth on a coinflip, would people fight for the other option, B? 

 I suppose it's a McGuffin and doesn't really matter.  But it does have to seem important, at least.   It has to be credible that people would fight to the death over it.

 I may actually use the "global warming" explication.  "On earth they had a problem that many people didn't believe -- global warming.  That's why we are here today, because they didn't make the right choice.

Now we are faced with a danger that can't be proven, but which can be avoided.  All we have to do is give up everything we have..."

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