Thursday, September 12, 2013

Asking friends to read is really imposing.

I've sent Faerylander off to my friend Wes to see what he thinks.

Way back when I was living on potatoes and ketchup and top ramen, Wes was the one friend who really supported my writing.

But he's a busy guy, so I haven't asked him to read anything until now.

In fact, I've pretty much stopped asking for people to read my stuff.  Not because I don't want it or need it, but because I want to save up my chances for when it will do me the most good.

Meanwhile, for some reason Rule  of Vampire hasn't posted to the Smashwords Premium catalog after 8 days.  It should only take a couple.  So anyone trying to buy it there might run into trouble.  Please don't give up.

Wednesday isn't a writing day, but I thought I'd write a chapter yesterday.  ----  Wednesday isn't a writing day......

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