Monday, September 2, 2013


Here I am, trying to finish up Blood of Gold, and a new story is pressing itself on me.

Surprisingly enough, it's an old story that wants to be rewritten -- Nearly Human, which I have now decided to call Faerylander.

When the beginning of the story presses itself on you while you're brushing your teeth, then you know it wants to come out.  I thought I was still debating whether I really wanted to do that.  My subconscious is saying, "Hell, yeah!"  I always obey my subconscious in all things.

Patience!  I'll be done with Blood of Gold either today or tomorrow.  Wait, dammit!  Come back when I'm ready!

I can't believe I'm going to do this -- but I've decided that no words are sacrosanct simply because I wrote them -- not even when I struggled with them.

I want to keep the characters, the basic premise, even most of the plot.  I want to shift the plot, make it more believable.  And I especially want to change the tone.  I'm also going to try for a deep 3rd person.  I can't stray too much from the style of Wolflander, however.

I'm going with more of the basic faery creatures -- dwarfs, gnomes, elves, along with the made up critters.  I'm going to have to read Wolflander to see what I can get away with.

Rather than try to go back and "fix" what I've done, I decided because of the quick way I write, that I'd be better off starting from scratch.  I have to remember -- there are always more words where those came from.

All the books I've written since Nearly Human have a much easier style, and I think I need to stick with that.  Nearly Human just doesn't work, and while I improved it with each rewrite the book has such fundamental flaws that there simply isn't any way to make it really good.

I'm betting I can make a very readable book by simply starting from scratch.

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