Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hitting a Wall.

I'm about halfway through As You Wish (or Once in a Spell.)

I've kinda hit a wall.  I managed one chapter the day before yesterday and only one chapter yesterday.

Which by most standards is pretty good, but no where near the pace I've been keeping.

I'm working at the store for a while, so I'm hoping by the time I come back I have some idea where the story goes in the second half.

Like I said, I've not had this problem for a long time.  Last time I hit a significant fallow time was halfway through Led to the Slaughter, which I resolved by turning it into a "Diary" account.

This new book is an old fashioned adventure story, more science fantasy than fantasy -- and probably not terribly sophisticated compared to most SF these days.  The kind of story I read a lot when I was a kid but really isn't being written these days.  Not sure it is the kind of thing any publisher would publish nowadays.

But I'm hoping it's still a fun read. 

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