Saturday, September 7, 2013

Holy Crap, that was hard!

Holy crap, that was hard.

Turning Nearly Human into Faerylander.  

I swear it would be easier to write a new book.  Twice as easy, three times as easy, four....

I spent hours and hours and hours trying to adjust the previously written material.

I spent maybe an hour or two writing two fresh new chapters.

I'm only doing this because I think the book is worth saving and because I think it has some good ideas and characters and about 80% of a viable plot.

Some of the previously written material is pretty good.  I hate to lose it. At the same time, I traded away a really well written two paragraph description for an adequate two sentence description, god help me.  Everything is about moving the story forward.

Right now, the bad guy is the major focus, two of the first three chapters, malevolently active and doing things.  The good guy is the second chapter, and he's talking talking.

The beginning is always the hardest.  It should get easier from now on. 

I think. 

I hope.  

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