Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ebooks are perfect for retro/out-of-style stories.

I absolutely know what I'm currently writing would probably not be published in this day and age.

I've always loved science fantasy -- the kind of story where the science is just an excuse for the story.  It only has to be inherently valid -- but it doesn't have to be explained.  It can be unlikely, more a McGuffen than a reason.

There is a premium in S.F. for the original concept, the valid extrapolation of science and culture.  E.R. Burroughs would be laughed out of the editorial room these days.

There are occasional retro books written, by well-established writers.  Out of nostalgia.

But to me, these never went out of style.  The 50/60's sci-fi I grew up with are some of my fondest memories.

So I'm writing something that is -- if one thinks about it too much -- silly.

But that's just it.  You read it for the fun and the adventure and the story, and you just buy into the silly premise and or dubious science.

At least I do.

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Duncan McGeary said...

I should say, most of what I've written up to now has been in the current idiom. Not because I'm sucking up but because that's what I wanted to write. Led to the Slaughter is historical horror. Faerylander is dark urban fantasy. The Vampire Evolution Trilogy is straight up vampire.