Monday, September 9, 2013

Sell for a premium?

There is quite a bit of controversy over whether retailers should sell the 3D covers of Villains month for a premium.

I have a policy of never charging more than SRP for the first month at least, no matter what.  Even later I rarely raise the price.  I feel like my job is to sell comics, not collectables.

I'm sympathetic, though.  I think DC put us in jeopardy with this whole thing, and there is always the risk/reward ratio to consider.

But a policy is a policy.  So I'm sticking to regular price.

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Duncan McGeary said...

So basically, everywhere else in the country, the 3D covers are selling out.

And mine are just sitting there.

I feel sometimes like I live in a little bubble. Where the outside world doesn't penetrate.

Then again, nature abhors a vacuum, so at some point the outside world will come in and scoop up all the available copies, with comments like, "I can't believe you still have these! At regular price!"

And then, about the time I sell out to these strangers, my regulars will come flooding in looking for them....