Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday thuds.

I'm purposely not going to a bunch of my regular sites because I want to keep my orders to a minimum until Christmas.

No sense being tempted.  Of course, I'm losing out on some information that might be useful, but really, I'd like to make some profit this Christmas, and it begins now.

Feeling pretty good about the stocking level at the store, so think I can do it.


I tried to play the market with the latest Magic release, which was supposed to be in short supply, so I way overordered.  I mean, I'll sell it all, I'm not worried about that -- but it will be cashflow negative for a long time.

Anyway, my "playing the market" days are over.  I got pretty good with it with Pogs, and Beanie Baby's and Pokemon, but we're coming up on 13 years since the last of those happened.

Either those plays don't exist anymore, or I've lost my touch.


I don't know if they're original with me, probably not, probably overheard them.  But I keep thinking with Romney, he's the Chameleon in Chief, he's Severely Moderate now.


I've been trying to find a conservative to moderate political website I can go to that doesn't absolutely enrage me, making me recoil in horror.  There's the USA Today, of course, but it's site has become a chore to read.

I don't want to live in a Liberal Bubble.

The only site I can stomach is Business Insider.  I swallow my urge to retch at their headlines, and try to read the stories.

Fucking media.  All over the place with their alarmist headlines.


Besides, the polls are so close and the election is so close, that I figure I can safely ignore them now, and just wait for the real results.


Leitmotiv said...

Concerning Magic... hmmm... Return to Ravnica is proving to be widely successful since "Ravnica" is now considered the most popular expansion, kind of a like a mascot in some ways. Wizards of the Coast will return to it again... and then again... However, it's funny that you ordered too much. I guess you did have a drop in sales and the local magic economics must have changed recently.

Concerning fads... there were some recent fads that seemed to be outside of your store's focus. Silly bands a year ago. And before that it was Bakugan. Not sure what the next craze will be, but I do have a 9 year old boy, so I'm sure I'll find out sooner than later.

Duncan McGeary said...

I went through at least 7 fads in my first 16 years of business -- but haven't had a proper one for the last 13 years.

I've had hot product, but not a fad.

I won't go into the definition -- let's just say, I know one when I see one.

I know there have been fads, obviously, I just haven't thought any of them were in my wheelhouse.

Were Beanie babies in the wheelhouse? Not really, but I was much more attuned at the time and I had an unusual thing happen -- someone who had access and was willing to let me buy her overflow.

But you know what? I don't really mind not have fads. They're playing with fire, frankly. You can get burned.

If all the stars were aligned, I might plunge into a fad that fit my store -- because often we're talking about a huge cashflow and lots of exposure.

But I may have grown out of that need.

Duncan McGeary said...

Just checked R to Ravnica on Ebay and it's down about 10 or 15%. Still higher than normal, but not enough to drive demand at regular prices. (I was hoping I'd look like a good guy just for charging regular price.)

Anonymous said...

Try Huffington Post. The Comedy section. It will keep you sane. And The Conscious of a Liberal (Krugman). And Dean Baker
(Beat the Press). It'll keep you sane.