Monday, October 15, 2012

My blog has become part of me, I guess.

My blogger history disappeared yesterday, but is back today.

Weird how I felt like part of me went missing for awhile.

The Good Wife had a stereotypical blogger on the show last night. Smug, weaselly, and hipster-fail.



The USA Today has figured out a way to maybe make me read their print newspaper.

They've made their digital edition unreadable.

Very clever of them.


Personally, I don't think anyone should win the Nobel Prize for Economics.


Some new Starbucks won't have tables and chairs.

They say it's "eco-friendly."


Personally, I think they've figured out what I've been saying to everyone for years now.  Use your space for selling things.  

I'm in my third decade of NOT selling coffee or having tables and chairs.  Linda is going into her tenth year NOT selling coffee, or having events.  (She does have a table and chairs.)

The "third space" idea is bogus.

 Even if every bookstore in the world falls for it.


Cheap date, Obama.  Spent 50.00 on him, and he really really likes me.  He sends me 5 e-mails a day!


Putting my head down and plowing through the copy-editing of I'm Only Human.  Got nearly half done yesterday, after about 10 hours.  Figure 12 hours today, and I'll have a working copy in hand.

Funny how many little mistakes I miss, and how many little things other pick up.

Funny how some things bother some readers and entirely different things bother other readers.

Had two large continuity problems that I simply didn't see. In one, I mix up two cop locations, the sheriff's office and the juvey center.  In the other, I have the main character using a cellphone, and in the next asking to borrow one.  (A running joke is how often he loses them, but this didn't work, so I simply correct it by having him answer a landline --- now I think I'll go back to him losing it.)

Mostly what I take away is -- how huge the content of a book is.  It will be a nightmare once I start messing with it.  Continuity problems galore, dropped explanations, etc.

But it simply isn't working the way it is constructed.  I need to speed it up.

I have all kinds of explanations and explications, that I think are answered in more active scenes -- and leftover explanations for when I was feeling my way that are now obsolete.

The easiest solution, usually, isn't to trying to fix them -- but to drop them altogether.  If I like the elegance of a particular sentence, I can save that and drop it into another scene -- or into dialogue.

What it comes down to -- I don't KNOW what's going to happen once I start messing with it.



Andy Z said...

Um. You definitely have a chair and people definitely sit in it all the time.

Susie said...

You go bro!

Duncan McGeary said...

Right on, Sister Sue!

Duncan McGeary said...

Hey, Andy.

I hardly EVER sit in that chair except at the end of the day when I'm talking to a friend.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, a chair for the employees.
I'm not a monster.

Andy Z said...

No, no. There's a chair in the corner of the used book area. I think? Now I'm filled with self doubt.

Duncan McGeary said...


But that's our little secret.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Personally, I think they've figured out what I've been saying to everyone for years now. Use your space for selling things."

I hear ya, but what if a bookstore can't move the inventory it's got and its coffee shop operation is turning a profit? Would it make sense to abandon a profit center so as to put in more inventory that didn't sell?

Now if the bookstore is just providing comfy chairs for people to sit and sip their own coffee in, that's another story.