Tuesday, October 23, 2012

That way lies voter madness.

I've said I won't use this blog to advocate on politics one way or the other.

How about if I don't do that (much, Vote Obama!) and instead talk about mechanics only.

I've always felt that most so called independents are conservative.  Let's call them "not-rhino's."

Assuming that most "undecided" voters would call themselves "independent" I'm going to make a guess that they'll break for Romney.

So with the two candidates only a point or two apart (if the Gallup is an outlier -- then Obama probably has a two or three point lead -- not enough; if not, he has half a point lead which may be better or worse as I write this) then most of the undecided breaking for Romney would give him the win.

But a 5 point lead for Obama in Ohio probably gives him the win.

So  -- you guessed it; Obama wins the electoral college and Romney wins the popular vote.

Even though Bush did the same thing over Gore (yeah, yeah, Florida...sort of proves the point) something tells me the looney right will be near insurrection if that happens.

That way lies madness.


Watched the Walking Dead talk show.  Pretty inane stuff.

I think they're missing a bet though.

The set looks like a doctor's lounge or something.  They should have bare, grey wooden walls, couches losing their stuffing, threadbare throw rugs -- things like that.  Much more in keeping with the show.


I've gained back about 6 of the 15 pounds I lost.  This while writing, which is munchie time for me.  And bags of Halloween candy around the house.

So I'm going to start over on November first, and get to the 175 I want to be at.


Blew it.  Kept holding off on the last lawn mowing and winterizing the house.

Next slightly warm period, I'll just have to get muddy and do it.


How important are casual opinions about bad habits -- or good habits for that matter?

"Are you against smoking downtown?"  Hell, yeah.

Well, are you against being fat, and broke, and out-of-shape?   Of course!

If you asked if downtown needs a comic shop, how many would say yes?  Since the percentage of people who read comics on a regular basis might be, oh, 2% on the outside?

Sorry, I just don't buy that 90% survey, not for policy purposes.


There was a show on called "Captains of Industry" or something like that, and the episode was about Rockefeller, and they quote Mark Cuban as saying, (paraphrased) -- "Most people can to up to the line, but don't cross it.  Successful people cross the line"

Let's be clear here: he's talking about crossing a moral, ethical, or legal borderline.  He would deny it, but that's what he's really talking about.

Hey, give me the guys who DON'T cross the line, and Rockefeller can rot in hell.

So that's the angle this show has.

Their other "experts?":  Trump, Greenspan, and Mr. Evil himself, Jack Welch.

I don't think you could come up with a more discredited and dubious group.

P.S.  That "Line" has come up over and over again in my career as a businessman, and I've tried every time not to cross it.

I'm not rich.

And we wonder why the age of the Robber Barons has returned?


I'm changing the entire tone of I'm Only Human.  It started off being a light commentary on human  behavior, and is now turning into a serious end-of-the-world story.

I feel empowered by the digital to make extreme changes, because I can always go back.

Even though I was trying to streamline the story yesterday, I added 5000 words.  In the store I call this "subtraction by addition": that is, I'm sometimes actually adding material while I streamline the process.  Hard to explain.

An oxymoron, that's what I am.


How come my twitter comments have dropped off this page?  Anyone?


Anonymous said...

This site does an impressive job with all the polls that are done and shows that today Obama is ahead in the popular vote as well as the electoral college. Well worth checking each day to find out how the country is leaning. http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com

Duncan McGeary said...

Yeah, I check him out. Only get 10 hits per month and I just used up my last...

I'm hoping he's right.

H. Bruce Miller said...

The smoking poll asked people if they'd visit downtown "as much as or more than" they presently do if a ban was enacted, and over 90% of them said they would. Well, hell, of course they'd visit "as much as" they do now because they don't care one way or the other; the ban wouldn't affect them. If the pollsters asked me that question I'd say, sure, I'll visit downtown just as much. That doesn't mean I favor a ban.

That poll was fixed.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Most people can go up to the line, but don't cross it. Successful people cross the line"

Being a sociopath (someone with no conscience and no sense of empathy with his fellow human beings) is a big asset if you want to be "successful." Stupid sociopaths end up in prison; smart ones end up as billionaires.

Mother Jones to prison inmate: "What are you in for?"

Inmate: "I stole a car."

Mother Jones: "You should've stolen a railroad -- you'd be in the Senate."

Anonymous said...

I don't subscribe but recently discovered that if you google for the exact title of the story, then click on the link, voila! you get the whole article for free! I wonder if this works for the Bully's paywall?