Thursday, October 11, 2012

Selling retail in a collectable world.

I'm currently selling my Return to Ravnica, the new Magic release, at my usual prices.

Right now, that's less expensive than the big online sites, whose main reason for being, as far as I can tell, is to undercut the brick and mortar stores on price.

As soon as I heard that this wave was going to be allocated and in high demand, I started buying every chance I had.  So I've stockpiled about twice as much as I would normally carry.

So, now I'm curious.  Will people understand that I'm offering a good price? 

So far, not so much.  There is where Bend's isolation comes in.  There isn't the scuttlebutt that I'm sure exists in more metro areas.  People flow to where prices are cheapest.  Normally.  I suspect the other sellers in town are currently selling at about the same price, so no advantage there.

There were still people who presold this wave at the old, lower prices.  I don't think it's quite sunk in yet that there will be a limited supply.

Or will there?

Because I don't know  how many times W.O.T.C. will go back to the presses.  Maybe it's just a temporary demand...

Anyway, I know I can sell everything I've got over the course of several months.  I'm just curious to see if there will be a spike in interest anywhere along the way.

I don't really like playing the price games -- preselling for lower prices just seems to be borrowing from the future to me.  Upping the prices when they get more expensive is equally distressing.

I just want to sell retail.

In a "collectable" world.

It's possible to do, but it does add a degree of difficulty.

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