Monday, October 1, 2012

Really finished this time.

I'm finished with THE RELUCTANT WIZARD.  At least for this version.

It's my "readable" copy.  One I could see myself actually sending off.  But of course, I'd also like to make it better.

Over the weekend I finished the last chapter, then standardized the names and spellings, and then formatted it for printing.

I printed out some copies today.  It's 54,000 words, and in the format I printed it in (denser than you'd see in a book) it comes to 137 pages.

Attention: H. Bruce.

If you are willing, I printed out a copy for you.  I'm going to take it to the store tomorrow and leave it under the counter; I'll be working Wednesday and Thursday, but you could come and get it any time that's convenient.  I put it in a binder.  (Jim in Sisters has also volunteered to read it, so I'll have a couple of pro's checking it out.)

It might be a bit juvenile, but it's supposed to be, right?  Anyway, any and all criticisms would be appreciated.  As long as you aren't destructive, I can take most critique pretty well.  I just want to make the book as good as I can get it.

So...what do you say?

Yours, Dunc


Martha said...

Oo! Oo me! Pick me!

Duncan McGeary said...

If you're serious, Martha, I'll make another copy.

Martha said...

Of course I'm serious!

Duncan McGeary said...


I'll have another copy at the store.
Thank you so much.

Martha said...

Yay, thank YOU! I'm excited!

H. Bruce Miller said...

I'd love to read it.

Duncan McGeary said...

O.K. you guys,

Jim, H.Bruce, Martha, I have three binders under the counter for you.

Please do as many corrections and suggestions as you can -- it's all good.

Thanks again to you all.


Duncan McGeary said...

I think people have too high of expectations of me -- so don't be disappointed, you guys.

It is what it is.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"If you are willing, I printed out a copy for you."

Thank you. Will be delighted to read it.