Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday mopes.

Watch and read enough weather reports, and you start to feel like the bad weather is happening right outside.

I blame Obama.

Ironically, there was a news story that says that, indeed, voters blame the incumbent for natural disasters!

We're just monkeys, I tell you.


O.K.  Ready to watch those exciting last 3 games of the World Series.

Wait.  What?


So, I'm thinking.  Thank goodness we don't have hurricanes around here.  Or tornadoes.

Then -- I read something that said the closest parallel to Sandy was the Columbus Day storm in Oregon in 1962.  A typhoon mixing with a winter storm.

I was having an overnight birthday party that night -- it was really cool.  The rain pounded the windows until water was leaking through all the cracks.  The power was off.  Neat stuff when you're 10 years old.

Linda lived in Crescent City. She said they were pounded by three years worth of natural disasters -- floods, earthquake tsunami's and the Columbus Day storm.

"It was Obama's fault."

"He was just a baby!"



Not that Walden was in any danger, but when the Bulletin's headline is: "Walden Ad Lists Accomplishments" you have to wonder if that is editorial or news.


Still have some research to do on voting.

I tend to consolidate the Oregonian, Bulletin and Source recommendations, filter it through my political leanings, and make my best guess.

Straight Democratic.  I'm talking more about measures and judges, etc.

I used to count on me Mum about those things, because she was heavily involved in the League of Women Voters and they were usually spot on in their recommendations.  Maybe I can find that online.

Going to vote in the next few days, make sure it gets in in plenty of time.


Kevin said...

I have my ballot in and for the first time ever I voted a straight democratic ticket. I consider myself an independant and vote for who I think is best suited for the job after doing research. But something just said, vote democrat. I am sure the republicans will gain power over everything, but why make it easy for the bastards?

I was not so surprised to see the Bulletin endorse King Mitt. Apparently they recognize that Obama inherited a huge mess, but they don't count the gains made in improvements as good enough. Gains are gains in my view and I challenge anyone to do better in teh climate Obama had to work in where every Republican vowed to do whatever possible to keep Obama from getting reelected. Bipartisianship is a laughably cruel joke perpetrated by both sides anymore.

Yeah, economy is important. But what about foriegn policy? I guess the buffoons at the Bullshittin didn't catch the debate where King Mitt proved he knew nothing. he has the same cronies of Bush W. advising him...and The Shrub's policies sure worked out well for our country didn't they?

Then again, if the local rag had anyone with sense running things they wouldn't be in the hole they are in now...

Anonymous said...

"Then again, if the local rag had anyone with sense running things they wouldn't be in the hole they are in now..."

Well put! If there had been a guy worth a damn running things, the economy would be in much better shape now. Real estate up, the economy up, newspaper ad revenues up, etc.

Also, I like your point about "Gains are gains..." Obama is like a coach who inherited a crappy team. Although in his case, he doesn't really need a rebuilding year... or four. He apparently needs eight! But by God he's gonna get there.

Anonymous said...

I am voting to Mitt because he is going to cut my tax rate by 20%, dramatically increase military spending, be Israel's proxy to attack Iran, while balancing the budget. Oh yeah he is also going to repeal Obamacare on day one.

Duncan McGeary said...

Well, when you put it that way...