Friday, October 5, 2012

Jack Welch is evil.

Here I was telling Carl I wanted to be respectful to both Obama and Romney and not use nasty nicknames for them.

Then Jack Welch goes and rears his sulfurous head, and spews bile on the public debate.

I've told this story before.  Back in my Young Entrepreneur phase (thankfully I woke up before I was competely destroyed) I read a lot of business magazines, and the most "admired" C.E.O. in America was the head of General Electric, Jack Welch.

So I eagerly stayed up one night to watch the man on Charlie Rose.

And not five minutes into the show, my skin started to crawl.  I'm telling you, I've never had such a visceral reaction to anyone from a T.V. show.  I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle the guy.  I expected his face to split in half and a horned little demon to emerge.

I mean, I really, really disliked this guy.  If he was lying in a road with trucks roaring by, I wouldn't help him up.  

Can't explain it.

I just think the man is evil.

Why can't everyone see that?   He's the real picture of Dorian Gray.  It's right there on his face.

But what he says is so odious, it wouldn't matter what he looked like or how he said it.

Most admired?

Dear god.

(Sorry.  I just don't like the guy.  Have I mentioned that?)


Duncan McGeary said...

The guys is corrupt. Got caught padding his retirement.

He's a psychopath with no empathy for others. "Fire 10% of your employees every year."

He's greedy.

He's short-sighted. (How's General Electric been doing since he left?)

But more than that, just look and listen and tell me you can't see what a soul-less creep he is.

Duncan McGeary said...

Kind of funny. The pundits are dismissing all the job-truthers as nuts...except Jack Welch.

He's supposed to be different.

But he isn't and wasn't. They just weren't seeing him for what he really is...until now.

He has always been a mean-spirited S.O.B. and I doubt facts have ever mattered to him.

Duncan McGeary said...

Eliot Spitzer over on Slate. (yes, I'm aware that Eliot has had some legal issues, as well.)

"Shame on you, Jack. The notion that the Department of Labor plays games with these numbers for political reasons is silly, ludicrous, and insulting to government workers who have reported new figures—good and bad—faithfully for many decades. It strikes me, Jack, that there have been more cases of corporate gamesmanship with financial numbers in the past few years than cases in which the government wasn't honest. In fact, didn't your company, GE, have an accounting issue that led to a big SEC settlement not so long ago? So, Jack, now that you have made this outlandish claim, where is your proof—your evidence, any facts—to substantiate your assertion? Or is it just a partisan screed? You might recall that when my office charged GE—then under your leadership—with a range of impropriety, we had the proof, and a judge forced your company to take out full-page ads admitting your wrongdoing. The key, Jack? Evidence and facts."

Duncan McGeary said...

I'm pleased to see that Barry Ritholtz of Big Picture, my favorite economic commenter, also has a low opinion of Jack Welch.

"Of all the people who have something to say about the BLS, none is more unintentionally ironic than former GE CEO Jack Welch.

I have long stated that Jack welch was one of the luckier, more wildly over-compensated CEOs around."

(He gives evidence of shenanigans...Go read.)

"...if anyone knows a thing or two about cooking the books, its GE’s Jack Welch."

Duncan McGeary said...

Wow, I had no idea that Jack Welch and his crankiness would move front and center in the news cycle.

I thought his comments would be little noticed and I just wanted to point out he's a creep.

He's doing a pretty good job of that himself.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I worked as a consultant for GE for 10+ years. Jack Welch's mean spirit was so strong it infected all 300,000+ employees. I saw it close up -- this was the most toxic work place I have ever seen.