Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My procrastination is catching up to me.

I was writing so intently on my book, that I pretty much neglected everything else in September.

Finally, got going and did my taxes yesterday. 

Today, I'm hoping to do my driver's license.

I'm about to hit the big 60 in age.  I have to go in to the DMV this time, get a new picture and eye-test and all that.  I only have a few days left.

Last week, I finally read the fine print, and realized that my hospital issued birth certificate wouldn't be accepted.  I decided I need an official certificate if I ever want to get a passport, as well, so got on the phone.  (I call myself a Bend native because I was 3 when we moved here and I don't remember anything else, but I was born in Portland.)

They had a series of "authentication" questions, which were easy to answer.  Interesting.

Answered all their questions, then hit a possible hurdle.  My mom's middle name.  I don't think she has one, I'm pretty sure -- but I'm not totally completely positive.  I called one sibling who also couldn't remember her middle name, I looked through all the genealogy that Dad did, but it was mostly about the McGearys, not the Herberts.  The one entry had only two names.

So I gave a firm answer:  "No, she didn't have a middle name."

If I'm wrong, I won't get my express mail shipment of the certificate today.  I've probably thrown a wrench into the proceedings; for some reason I haven't heard from my other sister and my brother, who has all the official records.  If I'm wrong, I may not get the certificate before my birthday, which means, according to Linda, I'd have to retake all the tests.

Well, it had to be done.  I'll be waiting by the door all morning hoping the postman rings.

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