Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The zombie show.

Got done with my writing with enough time to watch the zombie show.

You know the one where they lurch awkwardly about trying to eat each other's brains?

No, not the presidential debates, the other one:

The Walking Dead.


Boy, they have really pared this show down to its essentials.

The minute they barge into a house and start exploring the dark hallways, I turned to Linda:  "They really know what works, now."

The claustrophobic fear of the tight spaces, no escape, and something might leap out at any second and bite you.

Little did I know.  They  spend half the show exploring a prison -- tight spaces, no escape...that kind of thing.

Oh the irony.  Their safely is what we call our prisons.  Inverse world.

Lots of guilt free gore and mayhem.  Zombies don't feel anything when you tear off their face, after all.  You're doing them a favor shoving a tire iron through their rotted brains.  Video game shooting gallery.  Feels really satisfying somehow.

And I particularly liked that they stuck to mostly action, and implied motives -- instead of endlessly discussing things like last year.

Rick is not longer emo leader-- he's kind of turned into Shane actually.  Man of action.  When his wife asks, "Can we talk?" and tries to get all touchy talky with him, he stares her down.  He don't have time for that shit.  He's trying to save their hides.

The zombie baby was particularly well done.  Would the Republicans be in favor of zombie abortions?

Whoops, sorry, got the two zombie shows mixed up again.

Anyhoo, this is one of the few shows I really look forward to, these days.

Well done.

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