Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh, competition. You bitch.

Oh, competition.

Article in the Bulletin about a new record store in town.  Looks pretty cool.

But my immediate thought was, Ranch Records.  Can they have some of their business siphoned away and do O.K.?

Thing is, this is an ever present possibility in Bend.  We are always right on the cusp of having one specialty store become two specialty stores.

That is, we usually settle into one game store, one record store, one comic store, one bookstore, etc. etc., because, frankly, that's all the business our population will allow to prosper.  (Actually, not even that.  I can't just be a comic store, or just be a game store, or just be a bookstore, etc.  I'm all those things.)

But Bend also seems like it should support more stores in those areas.

So what happens?

I don't know, really.  I'm prepared for any eventuality.  I can shift my attention and resources to another of the multiple product lines I have if that ever happens.  (Even when I don't have a game store competitor, for instance, I always know that one is on its way -- because it's happened over and over again.)

Still, to me, there is always the scary chance that by reaching for two stores, you might end up with no stores.

A new store is always iffy.  An old store is always on the edge.

But it also seems true that there is often room for no stores or for two stores.  Can't explain that.

I think the big chainstores have always been the biggest problem.  Another small guy usually just creates their own customers -- at least that's what I hope.

So I hope both stores do well.

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Leitmotiv said...

Another record store? Ranch is well suited toward the trendy, and I still don't see much customers in there these days. Heck I don't even go there much anymore.

People are still mostly pirating their music.