Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coming back to reality.

I feel like I'm coming back to reality.

You know how when you finish a good book and you come back to reality and you already miss it? That's how I feel about this book.

But I'm purposely stepping back from THE RELUCTANT WIZARD, and Lore and Kinnon and all the other characters, and giving it a little time to breathe, and to get a few outside opinions.

Meanwhile, my procrastination level -- which is already pretty bad -- had been dialed up a couple of notches.

I need to renew my driver's license in person this time, and they want my birth certificate and I'm not sure what I have is the right one, and why can't they just give me another license since I already have one?

I have to finish off my taxes by the middle of the month.

I'm down to 3 checks in my book -- and just called in for more this morning.

My lawn is 3 feet tall.

My room is a mess.

And so on.

Writing is crippling, I tell you.

I can tell by the hit rate on this blog, that writing is the least favorite subject -- but, it's what I've been doin'.


Anonymous said...

Well, the writing is MY favorite subject...

The DMV is a ginormous pain in the ass. Make sure you have exactly what they need so they can protect us all from terrorists.

Coming in for that MS today.


Leitmotiv said...

I enjoy reading about your writing, since I am trying to spark the flame in myself. I think of it as education.

Duncan McGeary said...

I'm trying to downplay expectations. I think because I talk about it so much there is an assumption that I must be pretty good.

(I suppose the opposite supposition is also more than possible..)

Oh, and you should write.

Anonymous said...

When is the new Hobbit movie coming out?

What the fuck about Bend?

Where is home?

what have you done with marge?

Anonymous said...

'coming back to reality'

what a fucking joke, ... nothing about Bend(tm) where is the reality?

just talk about books and safe subjects, ... how about the shit your all wading in a over a meter deep?

when the book is finished, what the fuck will you talk about?