Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday fuds.

Looks like my copy of Khalil Gibran's The Prophet is missing.

I hope whoever took it got great spiritual enlightenment.


Blogger and the U.S.A. certainly have every right to change their formats.  But I wish they would leave them alone.  I now need 3 steps to check comments on my blog instead of 1, for instance.  Annoying, but I'm getting around it.

U.S.A. Today, however, looks like it changed just to be able to fit more commercials in.  It isn't an intuitive search for me, and I've already stopped going to that site as often.  Doubtful they'll win me back when I have so many other options.

Every change is a chance to jump off.  But change is constant.


As an old high school debater -- yes, I'm really as big a nerd as I seem--- I had good debates and bad debates.  It happens.


There are now more shows on Sunday that we can watch and tape.  Something has to give.

Of the new shows, I'm really liking the show about the submarine.  That's about it.

Vegas is ... bleh.

Revolution is slightly better than....bleh.

Why do they water down these post-apocalyptic shows?  Even Walking Dead has way too much soap opera and not enough kick-ass.

Bleh. (Linda likes it, though.)

Elementary.  First episode was decent, but last night's episode resorted to -- twins...  bleh.  (The English show is brilliant in comparison.  Too bad, the acting is good in this -- but the writing...bleh.)

So...The Last Resort is the keeper so far.

I need to get a bit more ruthless and cut some of the more formulaic shows that have lost their spark.

Fringe got better, but good enough?
C.S.I. Vegas was so good for a couple of seasons, but lately?
Mentalist?  I'm over it.
Grimm is pretty mediocre, but the Portland settings and Linda's love of the show will keep it on the list.
Boardwalk Empire for some reason just doesn't engage me. (Who are you supposed to like, here?)
Hell on Wheels.  Has gotten better, but still not going hardcore enough for me. (Deadwood!)
Copper.  Ditto. (Advice -- go steampunk.)
Castle.  I'm sorry, this has gotten pretty awful.

So of the shows I don't like that much, I'll watch Grimm and Revolution with Linda. (She can watch Once Upon a Time by herself; I think it's awful.)

The shows I DO like.

Alphas.  Surprising well written, and the autistic character is brilliant.   "No, Bill.  Listen to me.  I can drive. Give me the keys."
Person of Interest.  This year, they seem to have even ratcheted up a level. The machine is self-aware?  Cool.
Good Wife.  Just a really well-written show.

Dexter, True Blood, Walking Dead, Homeland, goes without saying.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta check out American Horror Story. Hopefully this season will hold up to last season.