Monday, February 23, 2009

Slumdog Slam

Watching the Academy Awards with 4 women (wife, two sisters, and friend) was a different experience.

They started talking about how some of the dresses were 'too' revealing, which made me exclaim "Look at those rockets!" when Sara Jessica Parker walked onto the stage.

After everyone teared up over Heath Ledger's family acceptance, I demanded to know why "Matilda didn't accept the award!" (3 year old daughter.)

I was the definitely the Barbarian in the room.

I started making catty remarks about the dresses with a lisp.

My sister Betsy kept going on about how great Benjamin Button was, but I told her, "John Stewart thought it was boring. Who am I going to believe, you or John Stewart?"

Sophia Loren sent me to the back of the chair with a big "Wow! I'd hate to meet her in a dark alley!" That lady has presence...

And so on. I told them, it had to be a different experience to see the Oscars with a bunch of guys and some beer -- of course, I suspect they were all watching the Blazers game...

It was funny, when they showed the Action Films clip, I kept saying ,"I saw that! I saw that!" Which was a relief, because until then it seemed like I didn't go to the movies at all last year.

I did. But if it didn't have a gun or an explosion, I didn't. And if it had a gun or an explosion, it seems like it didn't get nominated.

The only movie we did see was Slumdog Millionaire, which was apparently the right one to see.


The Lady with a Cuppa said...

Matilda. Australian actor, named his kiddo Matilda.

And you saw several that had been nominated in not so popular categories -- but the addage didn't hold true last night, batman got 1 oscar ;)

Duncan McGeary said...

Matilda. Thanks.

I changed it.