Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Bend Madoff?

I haven't wanted to comment on the Sawyer situation. (Local Police Captain suspended, as his real estate wife and him are investigated by the F.B.I.)

Frankly, what I've wanted to say has been way too harsh.

Anyone who has ever been brought low and humbled knows better than to cheer for such events.

The wheels of justice grind slowly, but exceedingly fine.

To be clear, my sympathies lie with the victims of these two people, if the allegations are true.

And Tami Sawyer's website didn't win any brownie points with me. If nothing else she's guilty of an insane self-esteem.


Bend Economy Man said...

Yeah I'm guessing that they'll take a hard look at the Bend PD's internal policies on just how much non-police business you're allowed to do.

When the guy's got a multi-million-dollar mortgage-fueled mini-empire of real estate, it seems weird that this guy is also allowed to work as a high-ranking cop.

And I guess if the FBI hadn't called in, local police would've continued to do nothing about fraud allegedly perpetrated by a cop, though I understand that there have been a lot of red flags: foreclosures, multiple lawsuits, a probate inquest into the estate of some poor old guy who gave the Sawyers complete power of attorney.

Call it small-town politics, the Thin Blue Line, what have you.

Duncan McGeary said...

"In the right measure..." Tim's comment on the entry below, but I think he meant it to be here?

"Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small;
Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all."

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some of the boyz may be leaving.
My comment is...
All of yous have one reason or another to leave and you will.

Dunc and I are the only real long termers that I really know of.

So, Dunc, it's you and Linda and I for the long term.

All the Butter, Busters, Bilbos, Pauls, HBMs and all the rest of the NOBS may you RIP. At least for now.

Maybe the future Bend will rise and shine above the ashes that lie to fertilize Bend.

Thanks boyz for all your shit.

Anonymous said...

I lookes at DIAL and the recorders website today about the Sawyer deal. Many complicated sales since 2002 (which was before Tammy married Kevin) as well his name on many properties that were transfered to several of 3 different LLC's. I am afraid the jig is up for these two. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a realtor to figure out the ponzi involved. Collecting rent payments and not paying the mortgage is a no no.
All this will take quite a while to figure out.
Wish I didn't have a friend in the mix of it.

Duncan McGeary said...

Didn't take much to convince them, once we implanted the suggestion.

We just had to be sure we'd shaken loose all their money first.

All according to plan.

tim said...

It's a very good sign.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why marge think's I'm leaving. I have been here since the 1960's, its just that unlike dunc & marge, I'm NOT here 50% of the time, Bend is a base-camp, but not a place I can live 24/7/365. I have been here since the 1960's and relish the return of the slow times.

With regards to the BEND PIG FARM imploding, let me just say that only two years ago the BEND PIG's & City Court were MORE aggressively ticketing locals for letting their dogs swim in the Deschutes River ($400 fine), than they were for people or Knife-River dump trucks running 50 mph down Newport from the quarry at Tumalo.

No FUCKING sympathy for the BEND Pigs. The priority of this town the past five years was real estate, e.g. selling condos to tourist suckers and nothing more. Its not surprising that the Pig's too got involved in the BEND PORK. Human see, Human Do, and in Bend what's good for the GOB's&GOG's(good ol gals) is good for the Pig's. The PIG's had only ONE fucking goal post 2000 and that was to rid Bend of red-necks, and make Bend salable as ASSPEN, no fucking surprise that the PIG's imitated their owners.

The other element that you folks are missing is the implosion of Redmond, the City Manager too was a crook, and they had to have him arrested by the County Sheriff, because he had hired the new Police Chief who was told the that the city manager was 'untouchable'. Such is BEND. So when the shit gets UGLY and even County Sheriff is involved and State Police, then you MUST get the FBI involved to clean-up the local racketeering of Real Estate loans & extortion.

WRT people renting homes they don't own and NOT paying the MTG, this is an old story from early 1980's in ORYGUN. This is not even close to the bottom folks.

Bilbo reporting from Campbell River, British Columbia. So close to heaven, far enough from Bend.

Bend Oregon said...

Isn't it funny how you people have no idea what the real story is yet you are jumping on the band wagon. Have you even considered the fact that the cop is a cop and his wife is the real estate agent? Maybe waiting for the actual facts would be a good idea instead of piggybacking on what others say. The cop and his wife are not allowed to talk to get their side of the story in public yet. It will come.
Have you ever considered that this whole process started with disgruntled ex-employees whom, by the way, chose to leave the company. Maybe the ex-property (Lori Maunder) manager and the ex-office manager/bookkeeper (Ondi Hibbs) should be asked questions. Maybe Debbie Middleton is a spoiled brat and her father disrespected her which is why she pissed about the trust.
Do you really think the FBI is going to continue this investigation? Mistakes were made and they are being negotiated, but who doesn't ever make mistakes?
What does everyone else do for a living and have you ever sat in your office or on company time and sent an email or a had a personal phone call?
Interesting isn't it . . .