Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good blog, bad blog.


More and More I'm noticing that blogs seem to be either nicey, nicey, or downright rude. Not that I have anything against the nicey, nicey blogs -- my wife has one and she really is that nice, folks -- it's just, well, I can't go there.

Bad Blog!

Well, I can't go COMPLETELY there, either. Hopefully.

But....I suspect I'm more in the Bad Blog camp. I just want to have fun, and express myself. So, I'd like to be able to react in an honest way, and I do like hearing about things....

As evidenced by the following gossip.


Tami Sawyer has had one colorful career. Waitress, serial marriager,then real estate agent. Come to find out, (from Linda's and my friend Karen) she was a business neighbor of ours for awhile. She was a partner in Bare Elegance, (Insert Dildo Joke Here) a store next to our store in the Mountain View Mall. But neither Linda or I remember meeting her.

Also, from a friend who met her in a Christian singles group, she was partners for awhile with a guy who tried to start a all-ages club, but had to skip town when he got over his head. I vaguely remember that fiasco; all ages clubs have been tried over and over again, but almost always go wrong.

Do gooders, gone wrong.

The Dark Side of Bend growth, I guess.


Or, I prefer the word Liberal. Linda once had someone express surprise that she was a Democrat. "You can't be! You own a small business!"

It seems like I come down much more on the conservative side when it comes to local spending issues. The goals of BAT and Juniper Ridge and Tower Theater and local funding for arts and the local shelters and urban renewal and affordable housing -- they are all laudatory, but.... least locally they seem to be mishandled more often than not. Maybe that's the way of all progressive aims. Still, I think these things need to be funded in advance, if we truly want them. Vote for the BAT, if that's what we want. Vote for the Tower Theater, if that's what we want.

Instead, they always seem to be Trojan Horses. Started with great fanfare but without adequate support, and then followed by cries of...."We can't let it fail. All the money and effort would go to waste?"

So I find myself in support of the progressive aims, and kind of a naysayer about how they are actually accomplished. Bah.

See what I mean?

Bad Blog......


Anonymous said...

I felt it necessary to say a word about your recurring theme of 'anonymity'.

First of all the Emma Goldman was about 'my' political philosophy, and NOT a citation of anonymity, had you bother to read or properly quote, you would have seen that I mentioned B-Franklin, Twain, and Lewis Carrol as great Americans who chose to be anon-nym-ass.

Just this week I posted a story @BB2 about a vancouver-bc bus-driver that lost his job for hosting a blog! Why? He reported about the 'weather'. Any negative, can make you lose a job, 'any'.

Now to the point; There are three gobal's that we know of in our twisted little world.
1.)BPussy aka brucey
2.)HBM aka sore eye blogger
3.)Dunc aka ned flanders, mr doo-good

In these three there is a common denominator 'nothing to lose', me thinks that dunc's blog is a mix for his biz, given that dunc aka ned, says little, and is neither left nor right, nor pug or dem, just sort of vanilly-manilly and safe.

The HBM is retired, and works for free, and has nothing to lose.

The BP is a newbie grifter and day-one last fall when he showed up created his JR site, and started begging for nickels, he lives off his wife.

So that's IT!! Thats our public faces, and NOBODY else.

So the point is that there are people out there in the real world that aren't losers, that aren't 'attention whores'. HBM does what he does, and he does it on his sore-eye blog as well, and that is throw shit at pug's and run. BP he's a chameleon, no fucking idea, this week he thinks he has found a new patron in Leonard and has taken that cause, in a few days it will be something else.

Dunc, just likes to write, I have said MANY time "NEVER MIX BUSINESS & POLITICS", thus given MY personal twisted sorted politics ( Malcolm-X+Emma-Goldman ) I can't possibly have a public face.

Like the bus driver up in Canada, there are few jobs in BEND, get over it DUNC, most bloggers, and writers and commenters have TOO MUCH TO LOSE, and NOTHING to gain by going public.


Yes, bad-blogs are fun, good blogs are boring, just like girls bad-girls are fun, good girls are boring.

tim said...

This is why I'm an ex-Democrat. Way too easy to excuse bad execution and outcomes, as long as you are all puffed up about wonderful intentions. I couldn't take it. Too fake. Too superior.

Anonymous said...

This is why I'm an ex-Democrat. Way too easy to excuse bad execution and outcomes, as long as you are all puffed up about wonderful intentions. I couldn't take it. Too fake. Too superior.


Chomsky calls it 'manufacturing consent'. Even HOLLERN's sale of "SMART GROWTH" that sold NWXC, was down out of High Desert Museum close to a decade ago, ... He spent millions and hired good looking young PR&MARKETING people to sell and PROMOTE, and tossed in the 'progressive notion', prior to smart-growth there had been no-growth, slow-growth, and fast-growth, so we got 'smart-growth', which was 'fast-track-growth' bought & paid for by TEAM-PUG but with a happy PROGRESSIVE - FACE.

But WHO GOT THE MONEY?? HOLLERN, KNIFE-RIVER, MOSS, ... they got the money, did any of these progressives get rich? Well Jeff&Ray are 'progressives' they sold the Juniper-Ridge on 'progressive' theatrics at the Tower Theatre, .. feel good, look good, .. but who got the money??

Look at JR today, Knife-River/MOSS got the money, and so did Suterra & Les-Schwab, all MAJOR PUG BIG MONEY.

So AGAIN, in BEND the 'progressives' sold the programs, but generally paid for with HOLLERN money or COVA ( taxpayer ), but the PUG's of BEND always get the check.

Sadly today in BEND, now liberal & progressive is OUT, and CONSERVATIVE is IN, but ownership of the twisted and vile liberal&progressives 'outcomes' of BEND during the last ten years were always orchestrated by the same BOSS HOGGS running Bend today.

There is an endless stream of politicians who will run for office, but they're all always owned by CORA or COBA. Just like US Treasury how many did BUSH have? How long before GEITHNER returns to FED-RES, and some new face is brought in to SELL The next 'progressive stimulus'???

"Manufacturing Consent", in BEND NO 'real' progresives or liberals were HARMED in selling any of BEND's PUG PORK programs.

rotorman said...

Could someone interpret, in English, what the hell Bendbust said?