Friday, September 14, 2007

The "Curse of the Bambino" may have ended with the Boston Red Sox World Series victory, but the "Curse of the Mike" lives on.

I'm sure I'm not the only Trailblazer fan who had a flashback when the Blazers drafted Greg Oden instead of Durant.

This time we drafted a slightly suspect, but possibly dominating center instead of a flashy, potentially amazing forward.

Back in the day it was a slightly suspect, but possibly dominating center named Sam Bowie, instead of a potentially amazing guard named....what was that guy's name.....I'll remember it in a second....rhymes with "Like"....had some sort of deal with a shoe company called Nike....Oh, yeah, I think his name was....I think it was something like ......drumroll......Micheal freakin' Jordan!

Mikey loved stickin' it to the old Trailblazers. Sink a miracle shot and shrug his shoulders apologetically and then turn around and do it again and mug for the camera and then do it again. Bastard.

For those of you who are basketball fans, Sam Bowie turned out to be a decent but constantly injured player, and Jordan turned into....MIKE.

So Greg Oden is out for the year. They assure us that he'll make a complete recovery. Heard that before.
It also shows how unpredictable the fortunes of business. The other day I told you about a new product line I thought might be the Next Big Thing. Come to find out, it's been delayed because of all the Chinese toy recalls. It's been pushed back to the end of the line. So, the whole back to school moment, which is when Pokemon, and Pogs took off because kids talk to each other about what they did that summer, is gone.

I ordered twice as much Basketball boxes this year, than last, in hopes that Oregonians will be looking for Greg Oden rookies, and that the Trailblazers could have a good year.

I'll be back to ordering normal quantities the rest of the season. Even if Greg Oden comes back and has a good career, the moment is past....

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