Monday, July 30, 2007

The little store by Mondo's was Gambit. I never actually ever went into Brad's store. It is always....uncomfortable to visit the competition, even though I know I should. Anyway, I doubt I'll be able to carry a whole lot more board games than he was...I don't know. Board games have been added to a very full store. I have room to add maybe a third more, maybe half more.

But it is fertile territory for the new store...

The problem is trying to carry mainstream games like Monopoly and Risk. (And I'm sure just about every other Milton Bradley or Hasbro game) I pay more than the mass market sells for. Chess, checkers, backgammon, poker.... Do I carry those?

I'm exploring the perimeters of the German style games. The store I visited in Astoria had tons of them, so I know there is a ways to go.

(Damn,...this was meant as a comment, I've got to quit doing that.)


Anonymous said...

I pay more than the mass market sells for. Chess, checkers, backgammon, poker.... Do I carry those


Do what everyone does, buy it at COSTCO, and then sell it to a bored desperate tourist.

This is another good reason not to focus on internet, everyone on internet wants to pay no more than 10% less than wholesale. Thus its a waste of your time, as you sell full retail.

Just get them in your store, with regards to Monopoly or whatever again, buy it at Target, Walmart, Costco, and then sell it at full retail. There are lots of people, especially tourists that don't want to go to a COSTCO on vacation.

Anonymous said...

Damn,...this was meant as a comment, I've got to quit doing that.


It's actually a good habit, you need to have threads that focus on things like games, so people visiting Bend can find you.

You should also have a pure website, that lists all your inventory, so people know what you have. These days on google there are three different search engines: news,blogs,and web. Thus all this stuff here can generally only be found using the blog-search engine, most people looking for a game in Bend, would use the generic search, which searches websites. You could go and do a ADD-URL for all these threads with subjects like "Game band oregon", just make sure your last line in all your posts has the address and phone number of your store and directions, and link for map.

If someone is in Bend using Google at their hotel and searches "Monopoly bend Oregon", you want them to find you, and you want them to know your downtown.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of games, ...

1.) Scrabble, small, big, portable, ... all kinds universal, high-end ... People love to play scrabble on vacation and generally forget to bring, make sure via marketing that everyone knows that Pegasus is scrabble central downtown.

2.) Pictionary in all forms,

A few high-end papers to up you traffic may not be a bad idea, especially if you can get them on consignment. Is there even a store in Bend that has a few periodicals of interest either than that tiny B&N in mongolia?