Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fair is fair. I said I'd report on sales.

We were 25% below average. I usually estimate we'll drop 33% on these kinds of events, but we've tried real hard to be more attractive to passersby, so we did a bit better than that. But still below average, especially for July....

I'd rather have the streets clear....

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Anonymous said...

Bend used to be an outdoor paradise and dog friendly area, but between draconian regulations put in place by both the Forest Service, the Bend Parks and Rec Department, and the Bend Police Department, and harsh fines up to $250 for allowing your dog to run off-leash, Bend has become one of the least dog friendly cities I have ever been to. This scenario just doesn’t mesh with our perceived “outdoor lifestyle”.

I think this 'dog-thing' is a perfect example of the old Bend, and the new Bend. The new Bend is about tourism, and its MOSTLY about keeping the locals away from the best places.

I hope all the downtown business people are happy with what you have created. I really for a moment don't think that downtown has become what it has without your explicit approval.

Generally nothing happens without the approval of the Chamber of Commerce.

Yes, a lot of big shot banks have been brought in, and Hollywood PR firms, but when the rubber meets the road, its the Bend Business men themselves that have created the New Bend.

I like this dog issue, because like is said "everything that Bend is supposed to be, it is not", this is class Orwellian-ism. Freedom is Slavery, ... Malls are Wilderness, Parks shouldn't have dogs, fishing holes should be paved, ... Desert land turned into golf courses, ...

Bend is NOTHING what it is marketed as, people might come here for the environment, but perhaps the plan is really to get them downtown to shop, as there really is noting else left, and or nothing else left to do?

I guess with Duncan selling essentially 'escapist' ( comic books ) product this all fits in well with the New Bend.