Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I have found when it comes to big changes, that if it happens naturally, with a certain flow of inevitability, then it was meant to be. If you have to force it to happen, to let your emotions overrule roadblocks, then back down. You can always do it another day.

A real test was about 4 years ago when Linda and I wanted to open a store. We had the books, we had the experience and the desire, Linda was ready, we had a way to fixture the store....but we didn't have a location.

We looked for weeks, but everything we looked at gave us a bad feeling. Too out of the way, too odd shaped, too expensive, too beat-up.

But I'd drive by the corner of Third and Greenwood and say to my wife, "Too bad that location isn't available, because it would be perfect."

And then it became available.

That's kind of what's happening here. This time it was the location that I've coveted for a long time coming open, and the rest is following. I keep waiting for a major roadblock to appear, but instead some of the smaller roadblocks that initially appeared are melting away. Nothings done until its done, but it seems to be progressing.

RULE #1.

Do no harm to Pegasus 1. Keep the same employees, the same hours, the same merchandise. Take nothing out that will hurt the store.

RULE #2.

Don't force it. Let it flow naturally. Keep the calm.

RULE #3.

Keep a cash reserve. Don't resort to credit. Pay as you go. (As much as possible.)

I'm already thinking of fixtures. RULE #3 was going to be, keep everything modular and consistent. Downtown is a hodgepodge accumulation of fixtures. It works fine, because the product itself is so colorful and eye-catching.

Fixtures are one of those things that are EXTREMELY expensive new, and EXTREMELY cheap used.

From the first, I've been a disciple of Paul Hawkins' book, GROWING A BUSINESS, the single best book every written about small business. He maintains that you start small and cheap, let the store grow.

But I'm not a new store. I have a pretty good idea of the kinds of fixtures that might work best. I'm really tempted to spend the big bucks and buy all new fixtures.
Not a decision I need make right away. Something may pop up. In fact, doe's anyone know of any local businesses with fixtures for sale? Anyone going out of business?

This is going to be an ongoing thing....


IHateToBurstYourBubble said...

Hey Great! Good job.

Just so I'm clear... you're moving into the ex-furniture space on 3rd?

Same product mix?

Who are you and what have you done with BendBust?

Nice! Look at posting time... AM=All right. Noon=A little Rambling. Happy Hour=END OF THE WORLD, WE'RE ALL DEAD!

Anonymous said...

Fixtures are one of those things that are EXTREMELY expensive new, and EXTREMELY cheap used.

There are several dozen 'liquidation business' stores in SE PDX. I would not buy the stuff in Bend. There are also a lot of warehouses out in Beaverton that buy whole businesses and then just warehouse the contents. Take some time off and look around, you need to go to all the places, and look at the stuff with your eyes.

Put a 'wanted ad on craigslist' for Portland, under business, and explain exactly what you want, they'll contact you.

Who are you and what have you done with BendBust?

BendBust is an asshole, bastard. He's been in Bend for forty years, and doesn't want to see neighbors shooting one another for food. I own lots of business's and propery I don't want to see Bend go down the tubes, but I also don't want the the 'Condo Whores' to keep selling this place as Aspen.

Thus let's hope the future economy is NO worse than the 1983->1986 timber-recession, which is the last bust we had.

I have NEVER predicted anything worse than the 83 recession, didn't effect me one iota, other than watching my $70k home drop to $30k, and then pop back to $120k by 1986.

I liked Bend during 83', it was some of my favorite time, looking forward to a return.

We need a correction, capitalism needs an enema every generation or more, just like all democracy's need a New Government every few generations.

Like the Oregon Constitution says "The people have the right to Abolish the Government".