Monday, April 30, 2007

Had a most enjoyable and enterprising day, yesterday. Finished my monthly orders -- and for the third month in a row, I've had to stretch my budget by 12% or more. That is obviously the new base, either because prices on the product are rising or because I'm selling more. I've factored it into the summer.

Then went to HOT FUZZ -- which the Salon reviewer Dana Stevens called an Agatha Christie story directed by Micheal Bay, which is better than any description I could give. Enjoyed it almost as much as SHAUN OF THE DEAD.

Came back and gardened until dark. Last year my back was in bad shape for about 4 of the most crucial gardening months, so I'm feeling as though I'm catching up, so far.
There is just something enjoyable about gardening. I don't think I'd be a gardener if it wasn't for my mother, but because of her (and her plants) I sort of took it up, and now I find it very satisfying. It's a bit like being an artist with a camera. I don't -- you know -- actually have to learn any technique. I can wing it. I can take existing landscape and plants and mold them to my vision.

And finally, the usual article in the Bulletin yesterday about growth. We are going to grow like crazy, according to the expert. And we need to build much more infrastructure.

The logic of that kind of escapes me. We need to build much more infrastructure (industrial parks, office space, and retail commercial centers) or what....?

We won't grow?

Which is it, fella?


todd said...

Hot Fuzz was quite good

Jason said...

Yes, it was. I went and saw it today as well. Just like Shaun of the Dead, this is a movie made by people who almost certainly have a great fondness for the genre they're tackling.

Wonder what's next?