Monday, August 24, 2015

What a pleasure it is...

What a pleasure it is when the words come spilling out, fully formed, the characters alive, the plot making sense. A story that seems to exist outside myself and all I'm doing is writing it down.

I needed this. After struggling with Gargoyle Dreams and then spending a month rewriting Tuskers III, it is nice to get back to inventing again.

It's a cleansing of the palate, a reminder of why I do this.

I have no doubt that finishing a book I'm struggling with is the right thing to do.  I have no doubt that rewriting books is beneficial.

But the fun part is the storytelling.

It's thrilling when an idea loops around and becomes thematic, when you didn't even plan it.

It really is like reading a good book. I'm discovering the story in the same way, and when the story works, I like it in the same way.

It just reminds me that the book itself is everything. It is self-contained. It doesn't matter what happens after, or marketing or any of those things.

All that matters is how well you tell the story.

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