Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Never too late for big changes.

As long as the book is still in my hands, I figure it's never too late for changes.

I've been vaguely dissatisfied with the way Tuskers III has been going.  I've been fixing it as I go along, but at 3/4th of the way through, I realized that I didn't like a couple of chapters at all.

And it occurred to me that I could cut them completely.

As I've been rewriting, I've been fleshing things out and by now I've added ten thousand words to the original manuscript. Which means, actually, that I can cut these chapters and still have a book.  I have to move a few things around, write a couple of short scenes.

But the new scenes will dramatically clarify the action.  I just have to do a little foreshadowing, which shouldn't be too hard.

So at the last minute, I'm going to make these changes and see how they come out.  The book as it is is good enough.  But I think these changes will make it better.

Or they may fuck me up completely....


OK.  Worked on them all evening, and I think it's a vast improvement.  Lost one chapter, or enough of two different chapters to combine them.  Cut some other stuff, wrote some new stuff.

Overall, I cut a couple thousand words.

So I added about 10K words in the 3/4th of the book, then cut 2K words in the last 1/4th, for an overall improvement.  I'm much happier with the book now.  I believe it is much improved.

This book isn't done until Ragnarok pries it out of my cold dead hands.

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