Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rewriting is....palatable.

Unexpectedly, I find myself almost looking forward to my rewriting sessions on Tuskers III.  Hopefully I've found the process that works.  Seeing the story improve is the main blessing, though.

I guess I just need time and distance, and having it squared up by Lara, and suddenly the whole process is palatable.

Linda was saying that if I keep saying "I don't like rewriting" I'm just reinforcing it.  But dammit, if I hate raw onions than no amount of saying I like raw onions is going to make me like raw onions.

Whenever I hit a roadblock like this, I try to find ways under, over, or around it.  So I'm easing into this rewriting in a way that isn't totally uncomfortable. I just need to keep finding ways to motivate myself.

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