Sunday, August 23, 2015

Walked away from the dead.


Fear the Walking Dead.  

Basically Walked away from the Dead.

Every time I thought they were winding up for a scary scene, it fizzled. Instead, we had about the most annoying Johnny Depp imitator acting all weird for 60 minutes, while Mom is a tight ass and stepdad a wimp and little sister a little twit.

That's it.

Family dynamics to Fear.

So they constantly had scenes where there could have been a confrontation -- not one but two separate visits to the scary church where we met the zombie at the start of the show. Nothing.

Old guy in the bed making scary noises, and Johnny Depp tied to his bed. Nice nurse comes in and unties one of his hands, and I'm ready for a nice Old Man Zombie trying to chomp on a one-hand-tied Deppster.

Instead, the old guy is taken away and Johnny Depp minces out of the hospital and acts weird for another 30 minutes. 

That kind of thing -- all the way through the show.

Really hope this isn't what they're going for.


Duncan McGeary said...

The scene in the hospital was particularly aggravating.

I get that they had a theme where it's a slow rollout and nobody believes the kid, but they could have had the confrontation with the Old Man Zombie and still held that theme, no witnesses, no problem.

And there would have been an exciting scene 60% of the way through that sure would have helped.

Cindy Lusk said...

I thought it was a good start, even if it was slow. The last 30 minutes of the 90 minute episode was awesome. Not going to do any spoilers in case you didn't watch it :)

Kevin said...

I was not impressed. I get the slow burn buildup. But it could have been more interesting. Not one character was compelling to me at all.

No. Scratch that. I did like the nerdy school kid who brought the knife for protection. There art imitates life as the moral of the episode to me was: Always trust the chubby conspiracy theprist who spends too much time online. He always knows more than you.

Duncan McGeary said...

Kevin. Nerdy conspiracy kid needs to be part of the regular cast.