Thursday, August 13, 2015

Every book is different.

I think sometimes I don't like to rewrite because I really don't like seeing how much I need to rewrite.  You know, like if I ignore it, it doesn't exist.

I read another section of The Manic Pixie Dream Girl Murders to writers group, and it mostly passed muster.  What it also shows is that not all first drafts are in need of so much work.  Both MPDGM's and The Last Fedora came out pretty much polished, with a little work.

Tuskers III needs the rewrites.  Gargoyle Dreams will need the rewrites.  It's O.K.  It makes them better, it's just harder to for me to gauge them once I start rewriting again.

Tuskers came out without many changes needed at all.  In fact, I'd have to say none.

But not every book is that easy.  Rule of Vampire was that way.  But most of the rest needed either a little rewriting (Led to the Slaughter, Death of an Immortal), or a moderate amount of rewriting, Tuskers II), or extensive rewriting (Blood of Gold, The Dead Spend No Gold, Tuskers III) or endless rewriting (Faerylander, and a number of books that I've given up on for the moment.)

I guess what I'm saying is every experience is different, no matter how much I try to normalize the process.

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