Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Trumpspiracy.

William Jefferson Clinton:  "Hey, this has been fun, Donald.  Good to see you.  I've got to get back to Hillary, we're starting our run next week."

"You're gonna win, Bubba.  I guarantee it.  I know about these things."

"I hope so.  Hillary really wants it.  I wish there was a way to guarantee it."

"No worries.  They're a bunch of chumps.  She'll bury them."

Bill gets a gleam in his eyes.  "You know what would be fun.  Messing with these guys."

Donald spreads his arms, a big grin.  "I'm getting bored with this Apprentice thing.  I think that would be a blast.  Just get in there, say anything that comes to my head, the stuff I usually have second thoughts about.  I wonder what they'd do."

"Never work, Donald.  They're never fall for it.  They'll know."

"Nah.  I've given money to all of them. I've given money to everyone."

"Well, that would be right decent of you, Donald.  See you at the debates!"

"Wait up. I'll leave with you. I just need to put the hair back on."

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